Getting the Game of Thrones Audiobook Torrent

George R.R Martin’s unfinished novel collection, “A Song Of Ice And Fire”, has become a favorite for fantasy readers worldwide. And when HBO introduced the television series “Game Of Thrones”, based on Martin’s books, the series exploded in popularity. Between the written works and the television show, it has become one of the highest acclaimed stories in history!

So Martin and HBO have once again joined forces to create the game of thrones audiobook torrent collection. The goal is to sort of mash up the books and the show, but it is focusing more towards the written works of Martin.

The collection currently consists of 5 separate audiobooks, the first being “A Game Of Thrones”, which acts almost like a predecessor to the very first season of the television series. The titles that follow are: “A Clash Of Kings”, “A Storm Of Swords”, “A Feast For Crows”, and “A Dance With Dragons”. Although this series focuses mainly on the books, the idea was to give the fans the best of both worlds, as there is always debates between the fans of both the books and the show. And this collection is already gaining the popularity that you would expect from George R.R Martin’s powerhouse of a franchise. Because of the narration, a book reader can easily put a voice to the text, and fans all around the world are praising this series as one of the best fantasy series of all time! Many people say that even if you are not a fan of the fantasy genre, these audio books, the original books, and the TV show, will all get you hooked! The audiobook series is, just like the books and show, not complete yet. But with each installment, we can be sure to be treated to interesting characters, and plot twists that are out of this world. This series is virtually guaranteed to be ever growing, and continue to live on as a must-have for any Game Of Thrones fan!

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