The Great Gatsby and an Audio Telling Not to be Forgotten

The epitome of an American classic, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby reigns supreme in all of our imaginations from the original masterwork all the through the several motion picture adaptations in the bygone years. This classic can now be enjoyed in the form of The Great Gatsby audio book and with a stellar narration by Jake Gyllenhaal. You get a sense that the story is sprouting to life.

Of course, the backdrop of The Great Gatsby sets itself up perfectly in the roaring 1920’s, relatively soon after the first World War had come to an end. This legendary tale is the story of a reclusive, eccentric and extremely wealthy man who goes by the name of Jay Gatsby. The point of view of the story is told through the naive but subtly stern eyes of his neighbor and good pal, Nick Carraway.

Even though Gatsby hides away within his mega-mansion, he remains the buzz of the town, due to his insanely extravagant and lavish parties, where the whiskey and champagne flow deeply like the rains of Spring. The quite peculiar thing about his parties is that he never participates in them, he merely stands and peers out the window at a great time that he is giving his countless guest.

This is a bittersweet and haunting tale, that even to this day, not only pulls at the heartstrings but it also haunts your soul long after the story has been digested. It is a story of unrequited love, fledgling self-beliefs and a sign that even the most beautiful scenarios may not find their happy conclusion.

Jake Gyllenhaal is the perfect choice for the narration, and he lends a boyish voice enhanced with a wildly keen timing which fits the scene of the novel so incredibly well. He never comes off as being too stylish or flashy, and when the moment calls for it, he keeps his composure at a stable balance. The understatement of the book is very well paced, and it rests in between the too reserved and the loudly boisterous. It is the way that F. Scott Fitzgerald would have ultimately wanted it.

The characters are read by its excellent actors so convincingly well that it makes you think you are getting the audio feed from a high-caliber, star-filled Broadway show. The music, the sound effects and the heart of an American classic are expertly poured in and blended with just the right amount of atmosphere to beckon the word “perfection” to mind. The Great Gatsby audio may just become a classic like its forefather, and you can believe that.

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